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Javier Tucat Moreno

  • Berlín and Buenos Aires dance his tango 2009

  • Zamba para Volver a Nacer, a deep ancestral scream, which has waited for centuries to rebirth

  • Tradition and a contagious dancing rhythm in the Milonguita cumbanchera
  • Javier Tucat Moreno brought the Tango Argentino to milongas and concert halls all over Europe. Since he moved to Berlin in 2000, he performed with different ensembles and orchestras, and with prestigious musicians (for example, from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Taiwan National Symphonic Orchestra), which had discovered in Tango Argentino and his compositions a new musical world.

    In his soloist program PianoTango, Javier combines in a unique way and with a great interpretative intensity, Tango, Jazz, Classical Music and Improvisation. The works from Argentinian Composers like Ginastera, Aguirre, Piazzolla, Pugliese among others and his own compositions build a wide palette of senses and moods.

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