Refugiado | Refugee

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“Refugee” is a composition with Jazz and modern Tango elements, in which our comfortable life will be modified by other realities, no matter how hard we try to keep them aside. In this case, millions of people are leaving their homes and countries just to save the only thing they still have: their lives. Nowadays, in 2015, this is a very trendy topic, but actually it is as old as the stupidity and greed of our humankind.

I was laid back, composing at the Costa Brava, 100 meters away from the beach, as I lots of news came to me, telling about LaGeSo (the office, where refugees have to check in) in Berlin and about hundreds of human beings dying like rats trying to reach Europe no matter the conditions, the danger and the fear, they just keep coming in, one after the other.

I tried to keep doing “my work”, but it was too late. The reality was like a Tsunami. I was seeing this coming long time ago, but I had decided to ignore. However,now is different and everything changed: the title of the piece, the body, the objective, the composition – and of course,myself.

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